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BioREADY Top-Up Explained

BioReady Top-Up cans

BioREADY top up is our top- up solution for BioMisting. Some surfaces and areas of high traffic, such as door handles and telephones are regularly compromised by human touch, a quick spray over the affected areas sanitises it again instantly.

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The Advantages Of BioReady Top-Up

BioREADY shield

It complements the BioMisting, keeping you safe between visits

BioREADY shield

It’s safe to use, no training necessary

BioREADY shield

It’s alcohol based, so effective and dries quickly

BioREADY shield

Can be used on computer screens, telephones, mobiles, all electric equipment when using a wiping cloth

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe?
Yes, its as safe as using a furniture polish.

Does it kill Covid 19?
Yes, BioReady top-up eliminates 99.9% of all known viruses, including the latest Coronavirus. Covid 19 is an enveloped virus, its relatively easy to kill with the right formula.

Is it flammable?
It contains liquified petroleum gas propellant, so don’t use near a naked flame. The usual health advice applies.

What if I get it in my eyes or throat?
Remove yourself to fresh air, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. In fact, do not spray it in your face, it stings.

Can I use it on my hands?
It may produce an allergic reaction, so not recommended. Try BioReady Personal for that.

Can I use it in the toilet?
Yes, it cleans all surfaces and will also remove the same pathogens as disinfectant.

What else can I use it on?
All regularly used surfaces, such as light switches, sinks, taps, lift doors and buttons, chairs and armrests, desktops and all work surfaces, water fountains and drinks dispensers, the list goes on.

How much does it cost?
From £5.41 per can + VAT.