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BioREADY ViralAir-Clenz Explained


Viralir-Clenz is a portable air sanitiser, designed for use in tough commercial environments. Using a unique UV-C light array, the powerful fans drive the airflow through the decontamination chamber, neutralising bacteria, viruses, pollen and odours, delivering clean & sterile air to a room. UV-C technology has been used for many years to sterilise hospitals, operating theatres and surgical instruments. When placed in a room with an airborne viral or bacterial risk, the RAX circulates the air up to 30 times per hour, but is often not required to change air that often. It’s quiet operation, portable design and high-powered UV-C technology is the perfect combination for intermittent or constant use within heavy duty, commercial environments.

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The Advantages Of BioReady Viralair-Clenz

BioREADY shield

A perfect addition to BioMisting for ongoing confidence in your work environment

BioREADY shield

It Uses UV-C technology (see below) to neutralise all pathogens

BioREADY shield

Easy to use and maintain

BioREADY shield

Fully portable

Frequently asked questions

What is UV-C technology?
The three main types of UV rays are UVA, UVB, and UVC. Because UV-C rays have the shortest wavelength, and therefore highest energy, they are capable of killing bacteria and viruses, also called pathogens. UVC light has a wavelength of between 200 and 400 nanometers (nm). It is highly effective at decontamination because it destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria, including "superbugs" which have developed a stronger resistance to antibiotics. Powerful UV-C light has been regularly used to decontaminate surgical tools and hospital rooms. A study that included 21,000 patients who stayed overnight in a room where someone had been previously treated found that sanitizing a hospital room with UV-C light in addition to traditional methods of cleaning cut transmission of drug-resistant bacteria by 30%. This is partly because UVC light can effectively sanitize hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. UV-C light also works by destroying the DNA of pathogens, which makes it effective against "superbugs”.

Will it neutralise new viruses, like Covid-19?
Though there hasn’t been any research looking at how UV-C affects Covid-19 specifically, studies have shown that it can be used against other coronaviruses, such as SARS. The radiation warps the structure of their genetic material and prevents the viral particles from making more copies of themselves. As a result, UVC is now on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. In China, whole buses are being lit up by UV-C, while squat, UVC-emitting robots have been cleaning floors in hospitals. Banks have even been using the light to disinfect their money.

Does it need servicing?
We recommend they are serviced every year or every 6,000 hours whichever comes first. Servicing is £199 plus vat, and this covers replacement lamps, filters, an airflow test and cleaning of the fans and recalibration with certification.

How much is it?
£1,379.00 plus VAT.

How big is it?
400 x 450 x 250mm.

Is any office too big or small?
The Viralair-Clenz is ideal for small to medium size offices/rooms. For larger areas such as warehouses you might need a purpose built system that works with your existing air intake system. This can be quoted on request.